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Scottish Music and Mountains has been around technically, since 2009 when Gav qualified as a Summer Mountain leader, but in principle in since around since about ten years before then when I suggested the basic concept to my best mate Bruce Cockburn in the Sligachan Inn in Skye after doing Am Bhasteir. Brucie responded by saying, "C'mon Gav who's going to want to sit in bar in the Highlands after a day on the hills, drinking beer and listening to Scottish Traditional Music?" Sadly Bruce is no longer around to argue the point but in truth he and I had been doing this very thing pretty much since we had our first day in the hills together in 1984. More to follow shortly as this website re-aligns itself on Wix as a Hosting Site



Gavin and his daughter Fiona, pictured in the Photo Gallery, are both fully qualified Summer Mountain Leaders with over fifty years of experience in the Scottish Hills between them and Gavin, as well as playing in several successful ceilidh band line ups in and around the Stirling area, is also a keen amateur archaeologist with a special interest in Scotland's prehistoric monuments, and also historically, in the Wars of Independence and the Highland Clearances. Fiona also sings a bit!!  See a wee video below , courtesy  of David Calder, from a trip last year to Loch Ossian Youth Hostel (on the West Highland Railway Line) with the famous "Porty Stragglers"

Be it a Last Munro, a First Munro, a Donald, Graham, Corbett or even a Marilyn, we can help you get there, advise on accommodation and travel and help you celebrate your achievement at the end of the day whether you're in a bothy in the Cairngorms, a hotel in the Southern Highlands (Glen Clova Hotel pictured below) or huddled in a wee tent parked on the top of Lurg Mhor high above Loch Monar in the Western Highlands 

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